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AMICO Member Responsibilities and Dues Structure

Note: AMICO is no longer accepting new members. These pages are maintained for historical reasons.

AMICO Membership is open to institutions with collections of art.

AMICO Membership Levels

AMICO has two membership levels, Full and Associate.Both have responsibilities regarding Governance, Contributing to The AMICO Library and paying Dues.

1. Participation in Governance

Full Members agree to participate in the governance of AMICO by voting for its Board of Directors. They also agree to have staff participate on-line and in person in meetings of AMICO working committees.

Associate Members do not vote for the Board but may have staff participate electronically in committee work.

2. Contributing to the AMICO Library

Full Members of AMICO agree to contribute digital multimedia documentation of as many works of art per year as they are able, until they have completely documented their collections. (The suggested submission is 500 works per year. AMICO will help Members ramp up to that requirement over time. Members may appeal to the Board to have requirements relieved in any particular year.)

Full Members also agree to enhance the documentation of works previously contributed to the AMICO library as new digital information becomes available.

Documentation is provided in the formats and on the schedule set by the AMICO Technical Committee. Specifications will be published at least six months in advance.

Associate Members may choose to contribute to the Library, but are not obligated to do so. If they choose to, they agree to all specifications and schedules, except those related to the number of works documented.

3. Payment of Dues

All Members of AMICO agree to pay annual dues, as voted by the Board, to support the creation of The AMICO Library and the running of the consortium.

Membership Dues for US Members
(based on Annual Operating Budget)
< $5 m
$2,500 (US)
> $5 - < $10 m
$3,500 (US)
$10 m +
$5,000 (US)

AMICO Membership Dues Rebate

Beginning with the 2002 AMICO Library Year, the AMICO Board has been able to vote Members in “good standing” a rebate on their Membership Dues. Rebate amounts will be set annually, each fall, and will be based on the number of works contributed to The AMICO Library and the quality of documentation provided. No rebates will be given in excess of Membership Dues.

A Member in “good standing” has no outstanding Dues and has met one of the following criteria:

  • contributed an average of 500 works per annum of Membership
  • made a contribution of at least minimum documentation of 500 works in the immediate prior year
  • contributed documentation of their entire collection

Benefits of Membership


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