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AMICO Assignment Set:
Review Set for Modern Art, 1880-1945


This exercise, loosely based on H. H. Arnason’s History of Modern Art, is a general review of periods, terms, and styles related to early 20th-century modern art. It is designed as a mid- or end-of-term self-review for individual students working at their own computer terminals, but it could also be used as the basis for a classroom discussion.

The exercise covers:

  • Artistic movements from post-Impressionism to World War II.
  • Basic terminology and media relevant to the period.
  • Artistic styles, including the early and late styles of some major artists.

The Isms of Modern Art

Student Instructions:

This is a self-test reviewing some of the terms, techniques, and styles of modern art. For each of the screens below, choose the answer you feel best answers the question. When you have found the right answer, move on to the next screen.

Good luck!

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