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AMICO Assignment Set:
Case Study Exercise in Old Master Prints

Student Instructions:

You are the curator of prints and drawings at your college art museum. An alumna has recently donated $30,000 to your museum to buy Old Master prints for the collection. In discussing the donation with your director, you have mentioned to your director that your collection is strong in French examples, but weak in Dutch prints.

Today, you arrive in the office to find on your desk some pages cut from an auction catalogue. The attached memo from your director explains that the pages are from an estate auction being held by a small auction house in another city. He goes on to say that he will be attending the auction to bid on some paintings and wants your recommendations on which, (if any) print lots to bid on.

Using the resources available to you, research the prints in the attached pages. Then, in a 250-word memo, make your recommendations to your director for which lots to bid on, how much to bid, and why.

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