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AMICO Assignment Set:
Exercise in Reproduction Rights Research I

Student instructions:

Your article, "France in the Jazz Age," has just been accepted for publication by the scholarly† journal, Studies in Twentieth-Century Art and Culture. You have just received a letter from the managing editor, enclosing an annotated list of the illustrations you have worked out in a recent meeting with the editor:

  • Matisse, "Untitled (seated dancer)," 1927 (drawing or lithograph--- which?). San Francisco.
  • Matisse, "FÍtes des Fleurs," 1923 (oil) Nice?
  • Picasso, "Portrait of Reverdy," 1922 (etching?)
  • Man Ray, "Kiki of Montparnasse," 1924 (photo) Eastman House?
  • Rosales, "Fokine as Harlequin," 1924 (probably bronze) San Francisco
  • Fosbery, "The Café" (need medium, lithograph?) probably in Canada
  • Leger, "The Siphon," 1924 (oil) need better transparency from Albright-Knox
  • Picabia, "Têtes Paysage," 1928 (oil) who owns this? Not marked on photo.
  • Brancusi, "Bird in Space" (choose version)
  • Soudbinine, "Fortissimo" screen, 1925 (lacquer). Russian, moved to Paris. We think this is in the Guggenheim collection.
  • Paul Poiret, "Dress and Hat," 1923 (silk, etc.) in the Met??

The managing editor explains that, although you have already provided photographs of these objects, they will need full credit information for the captions and also written permission to publish from anyone who might have copyright claims to these images.

Using the AMICO Library:

    1. Research each image.
    2. Provide full artist, title, date, medium, and credit line for each object.
    3. Prepare all letters required to obtain permission to publish from the relevant individuals or organizations.

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