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AMICO Assignment Set:
Studio Exercise in Graphic Design

Student instructions:

A major American airline with extensive service to Europe has commissioned your design firm to create a poster promoting Paris as a destination for American tourists. The theme of their campaign is “Paris: City of Lights and Life.”

At a meeting with your staff, a representative of the airline explains that the company wants the poster to be a “fine art commercial” for the wonders of Paris. The graphics should not focus on travel itself but on the cultural history and picturesque beauty of the city.

“We are planning this a series of posters as a kind of modern equivalent of the great poster traditions of Toulouse-Lautrec and other French,” she explains. “We want the quality of the design to reflect the richness and imagination most people expect from the city itself.”

“This campaign is aimed both at those who have traveled to Paris before and love its culture like an old friend and those who have great dreams and fantasies about going. The poster should be about the wonderful streets, great art and architecture, interesting people and crowds, the things people read in Fitzgerald and Hemmingway. Paris not just as the tourist clichés but as an adventure, with a kind of nostalgia for everything you have ever read or heard about it.”

Using the AMICO Library as a resource, create a poster design that fits the airline’s criteria.

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