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AMICO Assignment Set:
Find and Compare Exercises for Modern European Art, 1780-1900


This set uses the AMICO Library for a traditional set of comparisons. The set covers the period from the French Revolution through the end of the 19th-century, with an emphasis on French art. The exercises cover a variety of topics often used in teaching the period, including:

  • Use of art as political propaganda.
  • Changes in style and philosophy of French painting.
  • The rise of landscape painting.
  • The development of the Avant-Garde.

As written, the exercises require students to use the AMICO Library database to find and choose appropriate images. This requires students to apply their knowledge of periods, schools, and historical events as well as helping to develop skills in using the database. Instructors can easily adjust the exercises by choosing their own images from the AMICO Library or working with a set of images assembled by AMICO. In this version of the exercises, a sample pair of images from the Library is provided with each exercise.

The exercises are designed to be easily adapted by instructors, who can pick and choose among the exercises, modify the exercises as written, use the sample images instead of asking students to find their own, or substitute their own pairings from the AMICO Library.

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In June of 2005, the members of the Art Museum Image Consortium voted to dissolve their collaboration. This site remains online for archival reasons.