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AMICO Sample Records
Image Metadata Record in Data Dictionary Format

Data Value
XID AKAG.1964.16.tif}~
XDE Full view}~
XPU Albright-Knox Art Gallery}~
XRT reproduction}~
XAM image}~
XFO }~
XFE tiff}~
XFP separated}~
XCM separated}~
XFD 1650 x 1361}~
XFF 8983372}~
XFC none}~
XRE }~
XRY IsFormatOf}~
XRI AKAG.1964.16}~
XRS Copyright Albright-Knox Art Gallery}~
XVD 19990623}~
XVV 1.2}~
XLY 1998}~

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In June of 2005, the members of the Art Museum Image Consortium voted to dissolve their collaboration. This site remains online for archival reasons.